Natalie is one of the best first AD’s I’ve ever worked with. Her attention to detail is unmatched. I really love to work with people who bring a positive energy with them, and Natalie very much does this. She can push and motivate a crew while maintaining an environment of mutual respect between departments. She is also incredibly safety conscious and looks after everyone, you feel safe with Natalie at the helm. Would work with her again in a heartbeat.


I have had the pleasure of working with Natalie on two seasons of Bridgerton She is a master at scheduling and knowing the production process. Her tireless work ethic and goodness helped us through the many challenges of a big show. She always found solutions and I am forever grateful.


I’ve just finished working on the second season of BRIDGERTON with Natalie, for whom none of the complexities of a large shoot seemed too much. She is a fantastic collaborator, solid as a rock and a genius at scheduling to accommodate the most difficult of sequences. Her attention to detail is second to none. I hope to be lucky enough to work with her again.

Wrap Letter from Searchlight following ‘RYE LANE’ (2021)

It has been a joy and a pleasure watching this come together and we are hugely grateful for everything you have contributed in bringing us to this special day. Thank you for being such a terrific force in helping to keep everything going despite all the challenges of tough locations, uncooperative weather, and ambitious logistics. You’ve been great to work with and a real asset to the team

The fact that Natalie is one of the most sought after 1st ADs in the industry is not just down to her professionalism, skill, adaptability and attention to detail but she is also a pleasure to work with. Not only myself as the director but the whole crew feels supported and in safe hands.
Natalie is one of the rare 1sts that not only is meticulous about the schedule and the day but knows the script and story inside out and cares about characters and their trajectory. Sitting in Limbo was a very difficult shoot, an impossible schedule with many locations yet Natalie’s priority is servicing the story and will always push for what’s best for the script. This type of trust allows the director and all the crew to fully focus on their roles because they have full confidence in the running of the set.
Finally she is not only THE BEST at her job but also a true friend. Someone who understands the pressures others are under and will always support you through it selflessly and with genuine care.

Working with Natalie gives you a dedicated, conscientious, hard working and compassionate ally on your team. When shooting Behind Her Eyes, I could completely trust her to be super prepared, always positive and loyally supportive of my vision. She is honest, open and extremely detail oriented. I would love to work with Natalie again.

Natalie is the most dedicated and hard-working first asst. director I’ve ever worked with. She really cares and when you’re under pressure that means everything.

Natalie is one the most thorough, conscientious and professional people I have ever worked with.
Her enthusiasm and positivity on set were always a pleasure to be around and she was fantastic at thinking on her feet and creatively solving potential problems of various natures before they arose. The set was always well ordered yet friendly in atmosphere and her preparation and communication was flawless as she anticipated ever detail in an invaluably helpful way.
Natalie has great passion for what she does and truly cares and takes pride in every part of her role. Her brilliant scheduling was always unerringly accurate and she was always very understanding and resourceful when helping to make sure we were able to complete each day without compromise.
Natalie was a pleasure to work with and I am very grateful for the fantastic job she did on all 4 episodes of Fresh Meat series 3 we worked on together.

A mention in a Radio Times article
“The crossing to the Farne Islands can be quite choppy. Our first assistant director Natalie was like a Bond girl, riding pillion on a high-speed jet ski. Flying across the bay.” Brenda Blethyn. Vera 2017

Producer: Claire Armspach. LAID
Natalie is a first class 1st AD. It’s a testament to her skill, efficiency and personality that we completed our packed schedule with everyone’s tempers intact and made a show that we’re all immensely proud of. She knew the script inside out and was able to meet every challenge that our complicated shoot threw at her. She is passionate about TV drama and that passion really comes through in her work. I’d be delighted to work with her again.
Director: Laurence Wilson. EASTENDERS / DOCTORS
Natalie is a dedicated and excellent First Assistant. She is a pleasure to work with and maintains a professional, efficient and happy set. Her scheduling is excellent as is her ability to achieve that schedule. I look forward to working with her again soon.
Line Producer: Letitia Knight. SKINS
I think Natalie is one of the most conscientious 1st asst directors I have worked with. She’s absolutely thorough with her schedules and can see a problem before any of us can. She thinks way ahead and for casts. She’s friendly and approachable and loves her job. I would highly recommend her for tricky shoots where you have a lot of pages to do a day.
Producer/Director: Tim Kent. 2 PERSONS MAX
Natalie is a highly organised and very efficient 1st AD. I have worked with many 1st ADs and would rate her as good as any working in the Film and TV industry. Thanks for another great job.
Director: Steve Finn. EASTENDERS
Natalie Segal is a fantastic First Assistant Director, totally committed to the project and to the Director she is working with. I have been one of those Directors, and have been lucky to have her skills and her constant support.
Director: Ian Barber. DOCTORS
Natalie is methodical and thorough in all aspects of her work. She is personable and has a good work ethic.
Line Producer: Maria Cooper. THE THICK OF IT
Natalie is a very experienced and competent 1st AD. She was a joy to work with and I would gladly employ her again.
Director: Lydia Esler COMMERCIAL
Natalie came on board for a one day commercial at the last minute. Fitted into a new team straight away and made the day run very smoothly with a heavy schedule. Nice attitude and sense of humour.
3rd AD: Alex Williams
Natalie is a great teacher and I have learned most of my practical knowledge from her. A week’s worth of work with Natalie was better experience than 3 years in University. She was highly recommended by everyone on set due to her utmost professionalism.

Rosaleen Cunningham-Day. Age 15 ‘Young Anne Boleyn’ THE BOLEYNS: A SCANDALOUS FAMILY. BBC DRAMA DOCUMENTARY. 2021
Natalie was very focused and efficient on set. There was no nonsense! Which was good because everyone knew exactly what was going on and what they had to do. But she was also very kind and very friendly and made me feel relaxed and cared for. I had a great time working with Natalie

Rupert Cunningham-Day. Age 13 ‘Young George Boleyn’ THE BOLEYNS: A SCANDALOUS FAMILY. BBC DRAMA DOCUMENTARY. 2021

I found Natalie to be very warm and friendly. She was often laughing and always smiling which made me feel that she really enjoyed being there and that she was having fun. Which encouraged me to relax and to have fun too. Natalie wasn’t patronising and she asked for my thoughts and she listened to my answers. I would enjoy working with Natalie again and I think she is very good at working with children.

THANK YOU LETTER – Writer – Judy Battalion

On completion of shooting her short film “I Am Ruthie Segal, Hear me Roar” she wrote:
Hi Natalie, I just wanted to thank you once again for your amazing work on the shoot. You turned a less-than-optimal condition into a sleek and smooth professional operation. We could not have done it without you. Thank you, Judy 

Actress / Writer: Billie Vee – On completion of shooting her short film “2 Persons Max she wrote:
Hi Natalie,Just wanted to say thank you for everything. You were excellent. I do believe it is going to be a very special film. Best, Billie